The Story of Longbourn Blooms

Longbourn Blooms is a family owned and operated cut flower farm in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We strive to grow high-quality local flowers to inspire and capture the imagination of our customers. The farm’s name stems from Amanda’s favorite book, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; Longbourn is the name of the home of the book’s heroine, Elizabeth Bennet.

With a soft launch in 2018, the farm is moving full steam ahead into 2019! Longbourn Blooms offers wholesale blooms to local florists and event planners. We serve Lancaster County, PA and the surrounding areas.



I’m Amanda Fogarty, head planter, planner and dreamer at Longbourn Blooms.

A desire to cultivate a beautiful life while keeping our family in sync with nature and the changing seasons has lead me to flower farming. I’ve always loved flowers and gardening; the anticipation after planting, the waiting and watching, the dirt under your fingernails, and the success of walking through a field in bloom is something that cannot be matched.

I aspire to have a home in bloom inside and out and I want to share this intention with my community; to help you cultivate beauty in your own homes and lives.



I’m Jim Fogarty, head hole digger and tractor driver at Longbourn Blooms.

Growing flowers is a new passion for me, and I am excited to work alongside my family to share our new journey. Thank you for your interest in our farm, and I hope our flowers will have the opportunity to enhance your experiences.